David C. McNett
Contact Information


Surely this is obvious, but just in case: nugget@macnugget.org.

I am happy to send and receive encrypted email, in fact I prefer it. Please feel free to encrypt email that you send to me and any reply from me will be in kind. I can accept both S/MIME (download certificate) or PGP/GnuPG.

I'm listed at keybase.io/nugget

4096R/2F361BFA (Preferred) 2013-09-10 3152 7972 B814 5013 FFB3 9DE1 2D6A 927E 2F36 1BFA
1024D/E43C5FC3 (deprecated) 1997-07-19 D50C 1ABB 0D80 CC78 2939 FBE4 B379 C4A5 E43C 5FC3
1024R/C405E7A1 (deprecated) 1995-08-12 89 A0 04 E2 7E 1D 78 22 66 6D 6E 1E 94 AF 02 4C

Social Networking

These things are totally out of control and it's 95% redundant, but I'm a sucker for connections. Life is relationships. Care to share in the misery?

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, last.fm, flickr, YouTube, Google+.

I am not on MySpace.


90% redundant, but I'm on a lot of these sites. Feel free to track, stalk, or link up to share achievements.

Strava, RunKeeper, dailymile, Garmin Connect, LoseIt.

IRC - Instant Relay Chat

If you need to reach me online immediately, then your best bet is to private message me on IRC. I'm most likely to be online as "Nugget" on irc.distributed.net and also on Freenode.


I'm not reliably connected to Skype, but you can give it a shot: davidmcnett.


Do I owe you money? Do you owe me money? I use paypal as nugget@macnugget.org and can use paypal to exchange funds. At some point I managed to get flagged as a "pro" account, probably so I could receive a credit card payment from someone, so paypal takes its pound of flesh from all my transactions. Still, don't let that deter you from sending me money. :)

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